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Mahakavi Kanhaiyalal Sethia Poetry Award

Mahakavi Kanhaiyalal Sethia is a literary titan and a poet in a class of his own. His work is immortal, ageless, philosophical, and brings a positive change to individuals and society as a whole. His poetry is a rare delicacy of the extraordinary vision and unparalleled futuristic approach in his thoughts. Literary magnificence is measured in part by the enthusiastic response of the readers and in part by the felicitations, a poet or a writer is bestowed with. Poet extraordinaire Sethiaji had both in ample measure. His original poems and their subsequent translations have found readership cutting across the boundaries of language and region. His poems have a rare gift to allure the elite and the ordinary, the foes and the friends, the classes and the masses, and have been a source of elan and inspiration for all of them. His clear concepts, unambiguous expression, transparent epigrammatic language shorn of all tardiness touches the heart of the reader directly without any obstruction.

To celebrate and promote poetry, Jaipur Literature Festival, in association with Mahakavi Kanhaiyalal Sethia Foundation continues its annual prize in memory of Mahakavi Kanhaiyalal Sethia.

Vani Foundation Award

Vani Prakashan Group and Teamwork Arts Pvt Ltd present Vani Foundation Distinguished Translator Award. The award honors those translators of India who have consistently and qualitatively facilitated literary and linguistic exchange between at least two Indian languages.

Vani Foundation Distinguished Translator Award was deemed necessary in light of the lack of present initiatives to encourage direct exchange between Indian languages. It also aims at re-discovering and conceptualizing India's rich history of linguistic and literary interchange by inspiring contemporary translators to carry this proud tradition into the present and project it into the future. The award especially favours translators who have produced a significant literary corpus over an extended period of time, and carries a monetary prize of one lakh rupees, in addition to public recognition.

Shri dwarka prasad agarwal sammaan

Hindi, the language spoken by millions, is India’s official language and the second largest dialect spoken in the world. Being the most trusted Hindi print media, the Dainik Bhaskar Group instituted Shri Dwarka Prasad Agarwal Samman in the year 2016 to promote young budding Hindi authors.

The award lays emphasis on the enrichment of Hindi Literature, showcased through outstanding contributions made by individuals. Young Indian writers, who have set high standards through their exemplary work, win this recognition. Cash prize of rupees 1 lac and a citation is extended to the winner for their invaluable contribution to the world of Hindi literature at an early age. The award ensures a firm commitment to excellence by setting a high benchmark.

Books from Indian authors are a great addition to our literature, but when the work is rendered by young authors in their national language, it becomes all the more elevating. The shortlisted submissions pass through many-a-sieves of Dainik Bhaskar’s Editorial board before the winner is finally announced. The Editorial panel judges the entry on various grounds like: complexity of the subject dealt with, usage of the language, amount of efforts put in and impact of the work on the masses and society at large.